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Updated 12/10/2018

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Homebrew Competition

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Enable Cookies Homebrew Competition

It has been awhile since our last homebrew comp and we decided it was time. No excuses on our part.

Oh, the humble cookie. Invented right here in Silicon Valley by Netscape in early 90’s. These ubiquitous little things are the fun, quirky side of the internet. We decided it is time to enable maximum cookie character in a big stout. Bring on the supercookie! The loosely defined pastry stout is quickly spreading across the interwebs. They have even found their way into our glasses! We decided it was time to Enable Cookies in a tasty winter treat. There are only 2 rules to allow for creative interpretations and experimental brews, after all that is what homebrewing is about, experimenting. Happy brewing!


  1. COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE Character. Whatever type of cookie you want, however you want to highlight flavors, we will judge entries based on their incredibly delicious cookie character.

  2. All entries with complete recipes must be submitted by Dec 12. No exceptions

Recommendations & Resources

  1. Aim for 7%ABV, above 10% ABV is even better. Why? You wouldn’t put a featherweight fighter up against a heavyweight. It is not a fair fight. We love our sessionable beers, but it is time to bring you big brewsers.

  2. Check out a few of our favorite resources for some inspiration and learning.

    1. Reddit - Homebrewing Pastry Stout

    2. Homebrewing Fun - Throwback Imp Stout

    3. Brewer’s Friend Guidelines

    4. The Brewing Network - Moksa

    5. Experimental Brew


Can I use adjuncts?

Yes, in fact the style is known for its interesting and varied use of adjuncts. But if you feel inclined to brew sans adjuncts that is completely ok.

What should I include in my recipe?

Vital stats like OG, FG, SRM, IBUs, ABV. Malt Bill, any water adjustments, hops, and adjuncts.

The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. Stout weather is coming.


Food Truck Calendar

Duck Bowl.jpg

Our rotating list of local tasty food trucks. Pairs well with beer. Trust us, we’ve tried them.


 Hours & FAQ


Hours & FAQ 

What are your hours?

Mon-Thurs: 3pm - 10pm

Friday: 12pm - 11pm

Saturday: 11am - 11pm

Sunday 11am - 9pm

Are kids allowed?

Well behaved kids are allowed everyday until 8pm. After 8pm, we are adults only. Parents must accompany their children at ALL times.

Are dogs allowed?

Friendly furry companies are allowed. We love doggies, but they must be on a leash at ALL times

Do you have Non-Alcoholic drink options?

Yes, we have a non-alcoholic kombucha & ginger-hibiscus soda that we make in-house. We also have Diet Coke, Coke, Hansens all natural sodas, and sparkling water.

Do you offer tasting flights?

Absolutely! Each flight comes with 4 - 5oz tasters. Cheers!

Can I bring in outside alchohol?

NO! Our license doesn’t allow outside alcohol.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, feel free to bring your own food. We also have a rotating lineup of local food trucks onsite. See our food truck calender.

Do you offer Crowler & Growlers?

Yes, we offer growlers & crowlers (32oz cans) filled to order. We fill any growler, although any logos must be covered with tape. We ONLY fill clean growlers.

Do you work with charities?

Yes, absolutely! We are honored to have worked with many local community organizations. Please fill out our Donation Request form to get started.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! We sure do. Gift cards are available at the taproom or online.


Private Events & Reservations 


Reserve a Table 

Perfect for birthday parties and family gatherings, etc.  Accomadates approximately 6-10 people. Reserve a table in the main taproom, mezzanine, or back warehouse

The Lounge

Comfortably fits up to 40 people. Ideal for more private events, such as engagement parties and company team building trips. 

Brewside Parlor

A stunning setting next to our brewing equipment, this unique lounge space is perfect for groups up to 15-20.

The North Warehouse

Suitable for large groups, up to 100 people. Immersed amongst the brewing equipment, the north warehouse is the perfect spot for company parties.

Barebottle is a great spot to host your next party.

We can handle everything from a small birthday party to a large corporate offsite in our huge brewery. With multiple spaces available (tap room tables, front lounge, north warehouse or the entire brewery), just let us know what you’re looking for! Due to increased demand, we will sadly no longer be able to accomadate all requests, although we are working diligently to ensure you have a great experience at Barebottle. Additionally, we ask that children must be supervised at all times and please be considerate of other patrons. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accomadate childrens birthday parties. Also, confetti and/or balloons are not allowed in the taproom. Thank you for your understanding.

No kids allowed after 8pm, everyday.

Any non-profit organizations and/or school related inquiries please email: smiley@barebottle.com

Please fill out the form to find out more information about using the brewery for your private event.

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Preferred timeframe. (e.g. 5-9pm)
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Homebrew Class 


Beer Brewing Class at Barebottle Brewing Co.

Learning to brew beer is among the most important survival skills one can acquire! Join us for a 1.5 hour class at Barebottle Brewing Company where you're learn how to make high quality beer at home, and have some fun along the way. The class is taught by Chris Thompson, a competition-winning homebrewer and Certified Beer Judge

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Intro to Homebrewing Class
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Our Story 


Our Story  

Over many years of entering and judging beer competitions, we noticed a simple, but largely unrecognized insight: some of the best, most innovative beers in America are being brewed by homebrewers. In almost every competition we judged, the award-winning homebrewed beers were more inventive and daring than the majority of commercially available beers on the market. That insight, along with an enduring passion for the craft of beer making, led us to create Barebottle, a San Francisco crowd-inspired craft brewery.

Barebottle Brewing Company was co-founded by Lester Koga, Michael Seitz, and Ben Sterling, three friends and former classmates at Cornell Business School in Ithaca, NY. After moving from Ithaca to the Bay Area in 2007, the three began homebrewing, became certified beer judges, and began winning medals at homebrewing competitions. Barebottle brews innovative beers inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area using local ingredients wherever possible, and partners with local homebrewing groups to develop new beers using a competitive method.

Barebottle is located at 1525 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA 94110.

Our philosophy and process are pretty simple….

1. Use the things that inspire us every day from the Bay Area as the foundation for each new beer we make.

2. Inspire our merry band of super talented brewing comrades ( head brewer, the founders, and the Bay Areas best homebrewers) to create new beers.

3. Just like in regular competitions, we pilot brew a select group of beer finalists and ask the public to vote for their favorite.  may the best beer always win.

We believe this approach will lead to some amazing beers, we hope you are eager to help  us try some of them.  




Just brewed up a good batch of homebrew and want to share? Just wanna say hello? What ever the reason, we love getting mail. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Please fill out our Donation Request form if you are looking for beer for a charity.  

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Please email sales@barebottle.com if you are in search of our beer for your establishment.