A San Francisco-Inspired, Competition Based, Production Craft Brewery & Tap Room

We create beers inspired by San Francisco and its environs, and use brewing competitions to develop them.

San Francisco Styled

What would a beer inspired by Muir Woods taste like? What about a wheat beer that uses SF's native sourdough strain? We're here to find out.

BARE it all...

We created our brewery, our brewing recipes, and our creative process to hide nothing (nothing Lebowski!) -- and when you've got nothing to hide behind, you're free to do just about anything.

Taste, Vote, Repeat

On any given day, we have 5-10 different test beers on tap, and as many production beers for you to imbibe at your leisure. Whether you want your regular pint, or a flight, we've got glasses ready.

Join the Barebottle Community

Whether you're trying your first IPA, your first sour beer, or you're a brewing legend, you can join the Barebottle community of merry souls.