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Updated 4/21/17

Due to high demand, beer availability may change.


California Cologne

4.6% ABV ~ Kolsch Style Ale

Bright, refreshing, drinkable, our take on the famous style from Cologne, Germany. Fermented cold at 64F with an honest to goodness Kolsch yeast strain from the banks of the Rhine river.

Food Pairing: Spicy Ahi Fish Tacos with Radish Aioli


Honey Boo Boo

5.6% ABV ~ Low Gluten Ale

Harvested from literally millions of orange blossom and coriander flowers, transformed into 700lbs of honey and then into beer. Honey Boo Boo is the low gluten child pageant queen of our beer lineup.

Food Pairing: Kimchi Ribs



OooLong Saison

5.6% ABV ~ Tea Saison

We took Saison Bernal and infused it with Oolong Osmanthus tea. The result is an incredible blend of Franco-Belgo-Sino influences: aromas of floral bouquet, muscat, and sweet pea mixed with bubblegum and peppercorn. 

 Food Pairing: Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad


Half Samurai

Collab with Sequoia Sake

5.1% ABV ~ Sake Beer

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Sequoia Sake in Bayview, we fermented a light, crisp, and elegant ale using fresh live koji rice, giving the resulting beer wonderful aromatics of pear, apple, and steamed rice. 

Food Pairing: Otoro Sashimi


Scurvy Fighter  

5.4% ABV ~ American Pale Ale

Our first Flagship Beer, Scurvy Fighter is an all-Citra-hopped Pale ale inspired by the early California Pioneers who grew citrus to combat weakness and Anaemia. This World Cup of Beer winner has intense citrus aromas to keep you feeling strong!

Food Pairing: Chile Relleno and Smashed Black Beans


Trainy McTrainface

4.1%ABV ~ Session IPA

The 4th iteration of our McSession IPA, Trainy McTrainface is super low in alcohol (4.1%), but packs a huge punch with a huge dry hopping of Mosaic, Belma, and Azacca hops. Aromas of melon, dankness, and tropical fruit. 

Food Pairing: Tuna Melt with Sharp Chedder, Pickles, and Red Onions


Galaxy Dust

6.1% ABV ~ New England Style IPA

We paired hard-to-find Australian Galaxy hops (gorgeous tropical fruit flavor) with the now famous Vermont Yeast (producing big peachy esters) for a stone & tropical fruit bonanza.  Formerly known as Galaxy Quest, same recipe, trademark fun for everyone! (To-Go Limit: Bottles Only)

Food Pairing: Jerk Chicken with Habenero Peach Salsa


Dust Punks

Beer Revolution 7th Anniversary Beer

6.7% ABV ~ New England Style IPA

Brewed for our friends at Beer Revolution for their 7th anniversary, using a "Revolutionary" new form of hop: cryogenically separated lupulin hash, creating notes of Lemon Zest, Watermelon, & Papaya. Wow! (To-Go Limit: 64oz)

Food Pairing: Pulled Pork Tacos with Spicy Watermelon Salsa



Muir Woods IPA

6.1% ABV ~  New England Style IPA

The Winner of our Muir Woods contest! This is like a citrus-laced pine cone, bursting with notes of pine needles and oranges. Rye malts add liberating spiciness both complex and refreshing.

Food Pairing: Blue Cheese & Bacon Hamburger with Sweet Potato Fries


Epic Proportions

6.5% ABV ~ Amercian IPA

Brewed esprecially for our friends at Epic Restaurant, this IPA was brewed without bittering hops, just an epic injection of flavor, aroma, & dry hops. Pretty Epic. Aromas of key lime, orange flambe, and citrus.

Food Pairing:  Mayazaki Wagyu Steak


Fog Juice

8.2% ABV ~ Double NE-style IPA

San Francisco went undiscovered for years because its famous fog kept the bay hidden from explorers. Fog Juice is our hazy double IPA which pays homage to this largely undiscovered style. 

Food Pairing: Sauerkraut and Sausages


Espresso Macchiato

6.6% ABV ~ Coffee Milk Stout

Our multi-award winning milk stout blended with cold brewed coffee from local roaster Paramo. Integrated perfectly, it’s hard to tell where the coffee and stout begin & end.  

Food Pairing: New York Cheesecake with Raspberry Puree



Past Brews



Sourdough Wheat

With Blood Orange Essence

3.3% ABV ~ Sour Wheat Ale

Light, tart, bready and amazingly San Franciscan, a native San Francisco sourdough bread strain gives this beer some Z-I-N-G, (its Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis for those keeping score at home). We blended this batch with zest from 200lbs of California blood oranges. Bloody Hell!

Food Pairing: Goat Cheese & Charcuterie Platter




5.6% ABV ~ Tea Saison

Our continuing series blending our house Saison with tea from a local provider, this time using Chai Tea from Far Leaves. The Chai adds fantastic notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and pink peppercorn all blended with the unmistakeable bubblegum and peppercorn from our house Saison

Food Pairing: Old fashioned Spice Cake


Boaty McBoatface

4.1% ABV ~ Super Session IPA

Our Super-Session (low alcohol, huge aroma) IPA Series, Boaty  features the most monumentally-demanded Hops, this version (our 3rd) dry hopped with a small fleet of Mosaic hops. Our best ‘Boaty’ yet.

Food Pairing: Madrasa Curry with Saffron Rice


Subby McSubbface

4.1% ABV ~ Super Session IPA

Our super-session IPA is now winterized! Insane amounts of Mosaic hop dankness & a touch of oats for hearty mouthfeel, Subby the Session is the perfect companion while submarining. 

Food Pairing: Carolina Fried Chicken Sandwich


Saison Bernal

5.6% ABV ~ Saison

Truly a local creation, our Saison yeast gently warms and cools in concert with the Bernal Heights microclimate; the result is a beautiful golden haze beer with fluffy white head, and aromas of bubblegum and peppercorn.

Food Pairing: Cassoulet Maison


Jasmine Tea Saison

5.6% ABV ~ Saison

We took Saison Bernál and infused it with Silver Tip Jasmine tea from Far Leaves, located in Berkeley.  The result is an incredible blend of Franco-Belgo-Sino influences: aromas of berry, melon, and sweet pea mixed with bubblegum and peppercorn

Food Pairing: Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad


Simcoe Dust

6.4% ABV ~ New England Style IPA

Our third "Dust" series beer, featuring fantastically dank Simcoe hops with that infamous yeast for a dank, dusty, crushable IPA. Notes of melon, tropical fruit, and jolly rancher.

Food Pairing:  Prosciutto Wrapped Melon



SF Pineapple Express

8.8% ABV ~ Double IPA

Aloha! Like a Hawaiian Storm, this DIPA packs a huge punch of Tropical aromas: Pineapple, Mango, & Papaya. Let it warm up a little & hold on. Did you know Aloha also means goodbye?

Food Pairing: Aged Monteray Jack & Sharp Chedder Cheese


Midnight Gold

6.0% ABV ~ Black IPA  

Inspired by the faux gold rush created when real estate prospectors sprinkled gold flakes on Bernal Hill under the cover of night, this Black IPA features roasted malts, El Dorado & Sorachi Ace hops (notes of Lime and Watermelon) and a distinctive mineral character.

Food Pairing: Raw Oysters


C's Bees

 6.6% ABV ~ Honey Brown Ale

Our head brewer is also a beekeeper, and used over 120-lbs of wildflower honey harvested from his Oakland Hills hives. The aromatic sweet honey balances the rich roasty malts.

Food Pairing: Shepard's Pie with Winter Vegetables


Yerba Buena

6.5% ABV ~ Mint Chocolate Porter

Yerba Buena is both a native Mint AND the original name of San Francisco. We infused the native mint into a big chocolatey Porter for an awesome blend of winter-time goodness reminiscient of the famous Thin Mint cookies from the Girl Scouts of America.

Food Pairing: Thin Mint Cookies


Coastal Red

8.2% ABV ~ Imperial Amber Ale

Coastal Red received the 2016 GABF bronze medal in the Strong Ales Category. Spicy banana bread in a glass. Get hints of fig and black currant while the velvety body coats your papillae. May the alcoholic warmth be your cozy blanket on these cold Bay Area nights

Food Pairing: Warm Medjool Date Cake with  Caramel Sauce