Enable Cookies Homebrew Competition

It has been awhile since our last homebrew comp and we decided it was time. No excuses on our part.

Oh, the humble cookie. Invented right here in Silicon Valley by Netscape in early 90’s. These ubiquitous little things are the fun, quirky side of the internet. We decided it is time to enable maximum cookie character in a big stout. Bring on the supercookie! The loosely defined pastry stout is quickly spreading across the interwebs. They have even found their way into our glasses! We decided it was time to Enable Cookies in a tasty winter treat. There are only 2 rules to allow for creative interpretations and experimental brews, after all that is what homebrewing is about, experimenting. Happy brewing!


  1. COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE Character. Whatever type of cookie you want, however you want to highlight flavors, we will judge entries based on their incredibly delicious cookie character.

  2. All entries with complete recipes must be submitted by Dec 12. No exceptions

Recommendations & Resources

  1. Aim for 7%ABV, above 10% ABV is even better. Why? You wouldn’t put a featherweight fighter up against a heavyweight. It is not a fair fight. We love our sessionable beers, but it is time to bring you big brewsers.

  2. Check out a few of our favorite resources for some inspiration and learning.

    1. Reddit - Homebrewing Pastry Stout

    2. Homebrewing Fun - Throwback Imp Stout

    3. Brewer’s Friend Guidelines

    4. The Brewing Network - Moksa

    5. Experimental Brew


Can I use adjuncts?

Yes, in fact the style is known for its interesting and varied use of adjuncts. But if you feel inclined to brew sans adjuncts that is completely ok.

What should I include in my recipe?

Vital stats like OG, FG, SRM, IBUs, ABV. Malt Bill, any water adjustments, hops, and adjuncts.

The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. Stout weather is coming.